Do You Have The Broker's 401(k) Advantage?

Earn $30,000 to $70,00 the First Year!

Many of you have existing clients with millions in their various 401(k) plans. You already have the potential resources to generate thousands of dollars in additional income.

Increase Your Close Ratio

This system is based on Supply & Demand – as is the market. When we present it to prospects, it makes so much sense to them that we have a 92% close ratio.

Get Paid Today

How many clients have youhad to pass over because they only have company sponsored retirement accounts? Now you can charge them a fee to advise them on those plans.

Simplify Prospecting

With our system, you can prospect every employer in your town, even if all they have is a 401(k) plan, and even if you are not the broker on the plan.

Lock In the Lump Sum Rollover Business

Most brokers strive to obtain lump sum IRA Rollover business from people who have just retired. We enable you to actively manage your client’s 401(k) while they are still working.

Works With Any Retirement Plan

The Brokers 401k Advices system will work for 401(k) Plans, Deferred Comp (State, County, City), 403(b) Plans, Simple IRA’s (Small Employers), Variable Annuities, and Variable Life Policies.